STC only focus on the sale of educational businesses. This makes us true specialists in a niche market.

We embrace technology and have invested in a secure online system which keeps data confidential. All information relating to your business is accessed via the dedicated secure microsite, meaning sensitive documents like PDF’s, spreadsheets or word files remain controlled. Please CONTACT US for a demonstration.

Our advice is grounded, experienced and well considered. Both directors are Chartered Surveyors with over 24 years of professional experience between them. With such experience comes the knowledge that the three most important qualities for selling educational businesses are: confidentiality, preparation and business valuations.


This is the key to any educational business sale. Our clients trust us to maintain confidentiality and discretion. As few people as possible should know about any sale; any exposure has the potential for rumour, the loss of staff or students and an adverse impact on your business.

We will never discuss the sale with any person or people not directly connected with your school and only then if they need to know. STC has an unrivalled reputation for discretion and care. (See our testimonials) Should you have any query on this, or wish to discuss the extent of this, please CONTACT US for further advice.


There is much more involved in selling your business than simply identifying a buyer and agreeing a price. The majority of scenarios are complex, whether concerning a business itself or relating to a property.


Unsatisfactory lease arrangements, outstanding rent reviews or lease renewals, boundary disputes, planning issues are all situations we have encountered in the past and been able to advise our clients on. As Chartered Surveyors we are uniquely placed to advise on real estate issues and landlord and tenant matters.

Prior to a sale, it is important company accounts are fully prepared and up to date. We discuss these with clients, and possibly your accountants, as part of our appraisal and analysis of any business. Latterly, they will need to be made available to any purchaser.

More guidance on preparation is available in our vendor’s pack.

Business Valuation

We consider many factors when assessing value, acknowledging the importance of sensibly pricing a business in order to create a competitive bidding scenario. We steer away from the industry norm of applying multiples, as no two educational businesses are identical. We understand the many factors involved. A more detailed description of how we appraise your business is in our vendor’s pack.

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